Post Federal budget analysis: Jane Halton AO PSM

Post Federal budget analysis: Jane Halton AO PSM

May 15
After 25 years of economic expansion Australia is running significant budget deficits. Jane Halton AO PSM, Secretary, Federal Department of Finance will share her insights into, and discuss the implications of the 2016 Federal budget with CEDA members.


Jane Halton AO PSM, Secretary, Federal Department of Finance

Event overview

The Government’s plans to repair the budget and its key expenditure decisions will have major consequences for all sectors of the Australian economy.  It will have implications for the political landscape, define government priorities and influence future policy.

The Australian economy faces challenges that can be anticipated but not easily addressed in the fiscally constrained circumstances the government finds itself.  Investment in infrastructure, social capital, education and training and determining how government will fund new technologies and skills for rapidly changing global markets and economies will be critical. 

How the government balances repairing the budget with investing in future economic growth will directly impact the nation’s economic prosperity.

Join an audience of CEDA members for a consideration of what government will do, how they will do it and how it might be financed.

This CEDA member event is open to all staff of CEDA member organisations. Only single ticket registration is available and we encourage you to book early to secure your place.

Meet the keynote speaker

Jane Halton AO PSM
Secretary, Federal Department of Finance

Jane Halton is responsible for services delivered by Finance including supporting the delivery of the Federal Budget. Jane was previously Secretary, Department of Health and Deputy Secretary, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. In 2015 she was awarded the Order of Australia.

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