Migration: the economic debate

Migration: the economic debate

Nov 3
Australia's migration program shapes our modern nation. Over 70 years immigration has added seven million people to Australia's population and if current policy settings continue will add a further 13 million by 2060.


Su McCluskey, Member Ministerial Advisory Council on Skilled Migration, ac
Dr Tim Soutphommasane, Race Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commissionasdf

Event overview

Through migration we participate in a global skill network, boost connectedness and meet international standards of citizenship but raise concerns as to workforce competitiveness and the direct and indirect costs of population growth.

The short and long run economics of immigration, current policy settings and program effectiveness are increasingly important to how our businesses, cities and our economy grows.

CEDA’s final research report for 2016 investigates reforms to improve alignment of Australia’s migration program and economic development and nation building.

This CEDA national report launch with leading thinkers and report authors in Brisbane will be followed by public events in capital cities around the country.

All attendees receive a copy of CEDA's research report Migration: the economic debate.

Meet the speakers

Su McCluskey
Member Ministerial Advisory Council on Skilled Migration, ac

Su served on the Harper Review of Competition Policy and in as Chief Executive Officer Regional Australia Institute and Executive Director Office of Best Practice Regulation. In 2015 she was appointed to the reformed Ministerial Advisory Council on Skilled Migration advising government on visa and policy settings to optimise the contribution of skilled migration to Australia’s productivity and economy.

Dr Tim Soutphommasane
Race Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commissionasdf

Dr Soutphommasane research and commentary on migration, multiculturalism, national identity and patriotism has been influential in Australia and Britain. A political philosopher and Commissioner since 2013, he has authored four books and regularly contributes opinion pieces in the national media.

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