Outbound investment

Outbound investment

May 8
Australian investment abroad provides exposure to international markets, integrates Australia in global value chains and raises the level of engagement of Australian businesses offshore.


Ross Israel, Head, Global Infrastructure, QIC
Megan Mulia, Director of Research and Information, Asialink Business

Event overview

As developing economies increasingly generate global economic growth, the importance of Asian economies and our connectedness to them has never been greater. Outbound investment facilitates access to these important markets.

Investment offshore and the internationalising of operations has positive implications for the competitiveness of Australian businesses domestically and internationally. Opportunities to create economies of scale, reduce logistics costs and access a rapidly growing customer base can help shift the composition and capability of Australia’s workforce toward more highly skilled jobs and create new roles in the domestic economy.

Join a senior CEDA’s audience from across sectors to hear from those investing in global markets and from thought leaders at the release event of CEDA’s first research report for 2017, Outbound investment.

All attendees will receive a copy of the CEDA research report.

Meet the speakers

Ross Israel
Head, Global Infrastructure, QIC

Ross Israel oversees $7 billion of direct investments in infrastructure businesses. Prior to establishing QIC Global Infrastructure he had worked with AMP Capital, DUET, ABN AMRO and BZW in Australia and in London on major infrastructure, asset management, capital raisings and M&A.

Megan Mulia
Director of Research and Information, Asialink Business

After 14 years in Asia, Megan now leads work delivering research and intelligence on the region. She has held senior research roles with Thomas Reuters, PwC and worked with KPMG Singapore to increase engagement in Asia.

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