Health, ageing and social services

Health, ageing and social services

Mar 22
CEDA Queensland's 2018 Health series investigates a critical economic imperative - the integration of our health, aged care, human and social service systems.


Tim Kelsey, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Digital Health Agency

Event overview

Our health, aged care, social and human services are world class.  Meeting Australia’s high expectations is expensive.  It results in governments largest expenditure and a system that’s long-term sustainability and affordability are in question.

Imagine a period of reform, investment and seamless integration of systems and of services.  How much would it change the quality of care, service delivery, workforces and what would it mean for social equity?  Better integrating our health, ageing and human and social services sectors is critical to the wellbeing of Australians and to the national economy.

To hear about the work already underway and discuss the next critical linkages across our health system join CEDA’s senior audience and those working now on integration and advocating for change.

Meet the keynote speaker

Tim Kelsey
Chief Executive Officer, Australian Digital Health Agency

Tim Kelsey is Chief Executive of the Australian Digital Health Agency which is responsible for all national digital health services and systems, with a focus on engagement, innovation and clinical quality and safety. He was formerly National Director for Patients and Information in NHS England – a role which combined the functions of chief technology and information officer with responsibility for patient and public participation. He took up the post in 2012 after serving as the British government's first Executive Director of Transparency and Open Data.

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