The economics of inequality

The economics of inequality

Apr 24
CEDA’s upcoming research challenges presumptions of inequality and examines the relationship between economic development, prosperity and access to services, technology, education and employment.


Jarrod Ball, Chief Economist, CEDA
The Hon. Grace Grace MP, Minister for Education and Minister for Industrial Relations
Dr Simon Longstaff AO, Executive Director, The Ethics Centre

Event overview

Inequality is a critical economic and public policy issue, with many voices weighing in on the causes, effect and solutions. CEDA’s upcoming research, How unequal? Insights on inequality, challenges presumptions and examines the relationship between economic development, prosperity and access to technology, education and employment.

To expect equitable distribution of benefits after two and a half decades of economic growth is reasonable – yet inequality remains across the country and our society.  There are implications not only for opportunity but for social cohesion, our trust in institutions, our openness to reform.  Addressing inequality that arises from limited access is critical to delivering improved outcomes for individuals and to Australia’s future.

To hear independent analysis of the drivers of inequality: education, employment, geography and technology and to discuss how equality of opportunity and access can transform our economy join CEDA’s senior cross sector audience, all event attendees receive the research report.
(Note that this CEDA research will be presented also in Townsville, on Wednesday 9 May, when Philosopher and ethicist Dr Simon Longstaff AO will speak to his contribution to CEDA’s inequality report.)

Meet the speakers

Jarrod Ball
Chief Economist, CEDA

Jarrod Ball joined CEDA as Chief Economist in 2017 with over 15 years of experience as an economist across the public and private sectors. He has held senior roles at the Business Council of Australia, in EY’s advisory services practice and more recently at BHP. Jarrod also worked in the Federal Government and was a lead adviser on microeconomic reform for the Victorian Departments of Premier and Cabinet and Treasury and Finance. He is a member of CEDA’s Council on Economic Policy and the Melbourne Economic Forum. Jarrod holds a Masters degree in Economics from Monash University and undergraduate degrees in Business (Economics) and Arts from the University of Southern Queensland.

The Hon. Grace Grace MP
Minister for Education and Minister for Industrial Relations

Grace previously served as Minister for Employment and Minister for Multicultural Affairs. Before her election to Parliament she was the first female General Secretary of the Queensland Council of Unions and worked as an industrial relations advisor in the Keating government.

Dr Simon Longstaff AO
Executive Director, The Ethics Centre

Dr Simon Longstaff AO’s holds a PhD in Philosophy from Cambridge University, is a former Fellow of the World Economic Forum and was one of Boss Magazine’s True Leaders for the 21st Century.  He became the inaugural Executive Director of The Ethics Centre in 1991 and advises individuals, organisations and industries on complex ethical issues.  Simon is a contributing author to CEDA’s research report on Inequality.

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