Sustainable budgets: underwriting Australia's social compact

Sustainable budgets: underwriting Australia's social compact

Mar 12
Has enough been done to secure Australia’s long-term fiscal position and fund the critical services that keep Australians healthy, comfortable and safe?


Jarrod Ball, Chief Economist, CEDA
Dr Jenny Gordon, Chief Economist, NOUS Group

Event overview

CEDA’s Community pulse research found Australians are sharply focussed on the provisioning of core services – and they expect government to provide them. 

Sustainably funding that social compact between Australian communities and governments relies on balanced budgets, paying down debt and an efficient and robust tax base. 

In advance of the 2019 Federal Budget and election and the 2020 Intergenerational report, CEDA’s report Sustainable budgets: underwriting Australia’s social compact provides analysis, articulates the long-term fiscal pressures Australian governments will be met with and makes recommendations to counter them.

Hear how the state of Australia’s finances impact our quality of life and economic success when CEDA’s senior audience convenes in Brisbane.

Event presentations

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Meet the speakers

Jarrod Ball
Chief Economist, CEDA

Jarrod Ball joined CEDA as Chief Economist in 2017 with over 15 years of experience as an economist across the public and private sectors. He has held senior roles at the Business Council of Australia, in EY’s advisory services practice and more recently at BHP. Jarrod also worked in the Federal Government and was a lead adviser on microeconomic reform for the Victorian Departments of Premier and Cabinet and Treasury and Finance. He is a member of CEDA’s Council on Economic Policy and the Melbourne Economic Forum. Jarrod holds a Masters degree in Economics from Monash University and undergraduate degrees in Business (Economics) and Arts from the University of Southern Queensland.

Dr Jenny Gordon
Chief Economist, NOUS Group

Jenny applies economics to public policy questions. Much of Jenny’s work has expanded traditional cost-benefit analysis to include environmental, health and social impacts. She has held senior roles at the Productivity Commission, the Centre for International Economics (CIE), Harvard and Wellesley College in the United States.

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