The Economics of Climate Change Research Launch

The Economics of Climate Change Research Launch

Jul 10
To register for this event, contact the CEDA Adelaide office on 8211 7222. Australia will be impacted economically, socially and environmentally by the climate change policy and action of other nations. CEDA has examined the most significant economic issues for Australia and how we can best minimise the cost of climate change.


Martijn Wilder AM, Partner, Baker & McKenzie
Giles Parkinson
Dr Paul Willis, Director, RiAus
John O'Brien, Member, Premier's Climate Change Council

Event overview

Many implications of climate change can be mitigated by effective policy responses. Poor public policy will exacerbate negative impacts.  So what are the economic consequences of climate change; how best should limited public funds be allocated to mitigate environmental conditions; and how does business adapt for the future?

Join us for the release CEDA's policy perspective TheEconomics of Climate Change, which examines:

  • The risks and opportunities in international responses to climate change;
  • A framework for assessing climate change risk; and
  • How Australia can best contribute to global climate change mitigation.

CEDA research draws together the best minds on key issues, to inject new ideas into policy debate.  At the release of each CEDA report, public events are presented in capital cities around the country with report authors joining senior industry leaders to present their views and progress debate. All attendees receive a copy of CEDA's The Economics of Climate Change research report.

Meet the speakers

Martijn Wilder AM
Partner, Baker & McKenzie

Martijn Wilder is a pioneer in the development of legal mechanisms and regulations underpinning international carbon and broader environmental markets. He focuses on climate law and finance, federal and international environmental law, environmental and clean energy infrastructure projects and agribusiness. Martijn heads Baker & McKenzie's Global Environmental Markets practice.

Giles Parkinson

Giles is a journalist of 30 years experience, a former Business Editor and Deputy Editor of the Financial Review, a columnist for The Bulletin magazine and The Australian, and the former editor of Climate Spectator.

John O'Brien
Member, Premier's Climate Change Council

John is the Managing Director of both Australian CleanTech and Sino CleanTech. He has advised numerous organisations on securing or making cleantech investments and facilitates the Australian CleanTech Network to support cleantech collaboration. He also publishes the Australian and China Cleantech Indices and the annual Australian Cleantech Review. John also delivers leadership courses on sustainable innovation, manages industry development programs for the Federal Government and is on the board of cleantech companies involved in wind farms, low emission vehicles in the Philippines, and plastics recycling in China.

Meet the facilitator

Dr Paul Willis
Director, RiAus

Dr Paul Willis is a respected leader in the science community. Dr Willis' early interest in dinosaurs and fossils lead him to Sydney University to study zoology and geology, then on to further studies at the University of New South Wales where he completed a doctorate studying fossil crocodiles.In 1997 Dr Willis secured a traineeship with the ABC as a science broadcaster. Throughout his television career, he produced and presented over 350 stories for the Catalyst and Quantum programs on ABC TV, as well as many radio stories for the Science Show, Earthbeat and Ockham's Razor.

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