SA Women and Leadership series: impact of domestic violence

SA Women and Leadership series: impact of domestic violence

May 3

CEDA welcomes White Ribbon Australia CEO, Libby Davies to discuss the economic impact of domestic violence. Libby will be joined by a panel who will discuss what their organisations are doing to address the issue.


Libby Davies, Chief Executive Officer, White Ribbon Australia
Deirdre Flynn, Director Client Services, Catherine House
Professor Wendy Lacey, Dean and Head of School of Law, University of South Australia
Linda Fellows, Assistant Commissioner, SA Police

Event overview

Domestic violence is a major problem in Australia and is estimated to cost the economy $22 billion every year. In the past year SA Police have been called out to almost 30,000 domestic violence incidents as reported in last week's Advertiser. Key findings show that violence against women affects the home, workplace and wider community.

Domestic violence creates complex economic issues for women and many experience financial risk or poverty as a result. Women experiencing domestic violence are often disadvantaged in the labour market and have poor financial security.  Importantly, the decision to stay or leave an abusive relationship is, for many women, affected by financial factors.

Workplaces have an important role to play in stopping violence against women and supporting women who are experiencing violence or escaping violence. Workplaces also need to drive a positive workplace culture and promote gender equality. It is important that workplaces understand the issues so that women can stay in work and receive the support they need.

Meet the keynote speaker

Libby Davies
Chief Executive Officer, White Ribbon Australia

Libby Davies is CEO of White Ribbon Australia (White Ribbon), Australia’s national primary prevention organisation with a particular focus on engaging men to be active drivers of social change to stop men's violence against women. Prior to this position, and in recent years, Libby has worked extensively across the social policy and community services sector holding leadership and senior executive positions and as a consultant.

Meet the panel

Deirdre Flynn
Director Client Services, Catherine House

Deirdre is dedicated to, and passionate about, helping women experiencing homelessness deal with and address the issues that have created this episode in their lives. This includes having access to the highest standard of programs and services all designed to assist them move forward in life - in a way that brings them joy, economic independence and a renewed sense of self belief in who they are and what they can achieve in life.

Linda Fellows
Assistant Commissioner, SA Police

Linda is a highly respected member of the police force who joined the SA police force as a cadet in 1987 and has since held numerous postings, including with the Criminal Investigation Branch.
She was awarded the Australian Police Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2012 and promoted to Assistant Commissioner in 2014.

Steve Laidlaw
Chief Executive Officer, People's Choice Credit Union

A chartered accountant and Harvard Business School graduate, Steve Laidlaw has more than 20 years of people leadership and general management experience in retail banking and finance. Steve is a White Ribbon Ambassador and a regular advocate and commentator about the economic impacts of domestic violence.

Meet the chair

Professor Wendy Lacey
Dean and Head of School of Law, University of South Australia

Professor Wendy Lacey is the Dean and Head of the School of Law at the University of South Australia Business School where her teaching and research focuses primarily in Australian public law (constitutional and administrative) and international human rights. She has previously held academic positions at the University of Adelaide and the University of Tasmania, and has provided independent academic opinions to lawyers involved in cases before the High Court.

Additional participants to be confirmed.


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