Mental health and wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing

Feb 14
CEDA welcomes international spokesperson for mental health and University of Melbourne Professor of Youth Mental Health, Professor Patrick McGorry AO, to lead a critical discussion around mental health and wellbeing in South Australia.


Professor Patrick McGorry AO, Professor of Youth Health, University of Melbourne
Nicole Dwyer, Chief Executive Officer, Workskil Australia
Gabrielle Kelly, Director, SAHMRI Wellness & Resilience Centre
Professor Tracey Wade, Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Flinders University

Event overview

It is becoming increasingly clear that mental illness is widespread in Australia, as it is in other developed countries. Mental illness not only affects the quality of people’s lives, it also has substantial impact on families, communities, productivity and business.

Research from the ABS suggests that at least one in five people aged 16 to 85 experience one of the common forms of mental illness in any one year. It is estimated that the cost of mental ill-health in Australia each year is around four per cent of GDP or about $4000 for every taxpayer, costing the nation more than $60 billion per year.
Joining Professor McGorry will be SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Director, Gabrielle Kelly and other leaders in the mental health space.
This event is supported by Flinders University which has recently launched the Institute for Mental Health, Wellbeing and Neuroscience.

Event presentations

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Meet the keynote speaker

Professor Patrick McGorry AO
Professor of Youth Health, University of Melbourne

Professor Patrick McGorry is an Irish-born Australian psychiatrist known worldwide for his development of early interventions for young people. He is executive director of Orygen: the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, Professor of Youth Mental Health at the University of Melbourne, and founding editor of "Early Intervention in Psychiatry". He led the advocacy, design and implementation of the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, headspace.

Meet the panel

Nicole Dwyer
Chief Executive Officer, Workskil Australia

Nicole is the current CEO and Board Member of Workskil Australia and has been in the role for six years. Workskil Australia is a national not-for-profit employment and community provider that delivers across Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. Prior to this she worked at KPMG for eight years providing advisory services to the Government and NFP sectors in employment, education and Indigenous affairs. Nicole has a Master of Business Administration, Master of Social Science, Graduate Diploma of Education and Bachelor of Science (Psychology). Nicole is a current Board Member of the National Employment Services Association (NESA).

Gabrielle Kelly
Director, SAHMRI Wellness & Resilience Centre

Gabrielle Kelly is the SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre's founding Director. After a film-making career,  which produced some of the world’s first, substantial climate change documentaries, she was an early leader in the digital industry in Australia and New York, as well as founding Board Member of (the now) Screen Australia, Australia’s national film investment fund.
She is a global speaker about the practical application of wellbeing at scale and the ever-expanding body of research knowledge that supports wellbeing and resilience in people, across the life course.

Professor Tracey Wade
Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Flinders University

Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor Tracey Wade is recognised as an international expert in eating disorders and perfectionism. She was elected a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia in 2015, in 2016 she was made an Inaugural Honorary Fellow of the Australian Association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy, in 2017-18 she was the president of the Eating Disorder Research Society. She has a track record in the translation of evidence-based interventions to real-world settings.

Meet the facilitator

Professor Mike Kyrios
Vice President and Executive Dean, College of Education, Psychology and Social Work, Flinders University

Professor Mike Kyrios is an internationally recognised clinical psychologist who holds the position of Vice-President and Executive Dean of the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work at Flinders University and who has led the formation of the Flinders Institute for Mental Health, Wellbeing and Neuroscience.

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