Transformation maturity: Industry 4.0

Transformation maturity: Industry 4.0

May 16
CEDA welcomes the University of South Australia Professor of Engineering Innovation, David Cropley as he discusses the intersection of Industry 4.0, innovation and education.


Professor David Cropley, Professor of Engineering Innovation, University of South Australia

Event overview

The transformation of organisations to an Industry 4.0 environment will involve a range of possible issues, barriers and challenges. For example, how do our primary, secondary and tertiary education systems support producing individuals who will contribute to this major change? Professor Cropley will discuss how this is not simply a question of gearing up with the technology, but an issue of human capital of organisations – skills, education, training and motivation.

This briefing is by invitation only to CEDA Trustees. Trustees are senior leaders nominated by CEDA member organisations. At CEDA boardroom briefings Trustees hear from an informed, expert guest speaker in a private, small group setting. Invitations to boardroom briefings are a valued benefit of CEDA membership. Chatham House Rule applies.

Meet the speaker

Professor David Cropley
Professor of Engineering Innovation, University of South Australia

Professor David Cropley is an international author, researcher and consultant in creativity and innovation, specialising in helping people and organisations to unlock their idea generation and problem-solving capabilities. David's expertise is based on a deep understanding of the psychology of creativity and innovation, coupled with real-world experience in technology and engineering. David has worked with organisations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, guiding them through the complexities of value creation in an ever-changing and challenging world.

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