Anatomy of a digitally transformed organisation

Anatomy of a digitally transformed organisation

Aug 8
CEDA welcomes Fragile to Agile's Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Glenn Smyth and Business Development Manager, Dean Littlefield, as they dissect the key features of a digitally transformed, or agile organisation and the critical success factors for affecting the transformation.


Glenn Smyth, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fragile to Agile
Dean Littlefield, Business Development Manager, Fragile to Agile

Event overview

Organisations are in a constant state of flux. Digital disruption, customers access methods, cyber security and increased regulation are just some of the challenges facing business. An organisation’s ability to deal with these challenges will increasingly determine their future success or failure. Effective prioritisation, planning, design and delivery will be paramount.

Glenn and Dean will discuss a fully integrated approach to designing change that includes all the elements required for success and is based on the following philosophy: "Business, process, people and technology design must be aligned and driven by business strategy if an organisation is to successfully deliver its business intent, to maximise its agility and to minimise cost and risk."

They will also discuss case studies on leveraging experience on numerous digital transformation programs, including the multi-award-winning ME Bank transformation; and working with the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) to deliver a design and plan to deploy the same architecture in the South Australian Government, as part of its digital first direction, to deliver a single SAGOV services portal.

This briefing is by invitation only to CEDA Trustees. Trustees are senior leaders nominated by CEDA member organisations. At CEDA boardroom briefings Trustees hear from an informed, expert guest speaker in a private, small group setting. Invitations to boardroom briefings are a valued benefit of CEDA membership. Chatham House Rule applies.

Meet the speakers

Glenn Smyth
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fragile to Agile

Glenn has worked in nearly all areas of IT from programming and database administration through program management and IT architecture before settling as an enterprise architect. Glenn is founder and CE at Fragile to Agile, a dedicated enterprise architecture practice launched in 2009. It is specifically designed to resonate with both business executives and technologists and has been adopted by organisations within Australia, USA, and Europe. Prior to this Glenn was chief architect at (Bendigo and) Adelaide bank and preceding that chief architect for the ATOs change program. His other roles include as the principal architect of Bank of Ireland's first online portal for large corporations.

Dean Littlefield
Business Development Manager, Fragile to Agile

Dean is an experienced Management Consultant with over 30 years’ experience in the IT Industry. Dean has a successful background in strategic leadership in organisations operating in local, national and international markets, and extensive industry knowledge and experience in a wide array of fields and positions.

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