The transition to sustainability in a post-COVID world

The transition to sustainability in a post-COVID world

Jun 30
Join CEDA Trustees and ERM, Global CEO, Keryn James for a discussion on sustainability challenges following the pandemic. 


Keryn James, Global CEO, ERM

Event overview

Join international speaker, Keryn James, Group CEO of ERM, as she outlines how choices made now will shape the economic and sustainability agendas for years to come.
COVID-19 has shown more starkly than almost anything previously how vulnerable our modern, globalized world is to a fast-moving systemic shock. While marginally slower moving, climate change and other sustainability issues present similar systemic threats. 

Investments fostering more sustainable outcomes should and will be favored by investors, bankers, regulators and consumers. This will require shifting traditional mindsets and pricing including discounts for borrowers on the cost of capital allocated to low-carbon energy and other sustainability imperatives.

In this discussion, Keryn will comment on how strong Environmental. Social, and Governance (ESG) performers have been weathering the impacts of the virus better than others; and how this moment presents an opportunity for governments and global and Australian businesses to change course, shape a greener and more equitable future, and build the resilience required to better manage systemic risks like climate change. 

This virtual roundtable is by invitation only. The roundtable will be conducted on a virtual platform and numbers are limited to maximise participation. Invitations to virtual roundtables are a valued benefit of CEDA membership. Chatham House Rule applies. Roundtable discussions will be targeted to varied groups, including state-based Trustees discussions, national or industry sector Trustee roundtables, and c-suite conversations.

Meet the speaker

Keryn James
Global CEO, ERM

Keryn is the Group CEO for ERM and has been with ERM for 27 years in a variety of operational and commercial roles prior to assuming the position of Group CEO in April 2017.

Born and educated in Australia, she has lived or worked in most regions of the world in particular, in the Resources sector. Her consulting background is in stakeholder engagement, sustainability, strategy and reporting, ESG, social impact assessment and capital project support.

Since becoming CEO, Keryn has focused on evolving ERM’s 5,400-strong consulting business to ensure sector and services diversity and combining strategic capability with deep technical expertise. In the past three years there has been a focus on strategic acquisitions such as SustainAbility, Critical Resource and KJA to cement the firm’s position as the leading global sustainability consultancy.

In January 2020, Keryn was invited to become a member of the Executive Committee of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). As part of her broader capacity in the WBCSD, Keryn is also the co-chair of the Climate & Energy Board, the Energy Solutions Working Group and is a Steering Committee member for ‘COVID-19 Business Recovery – Building Back Better’. The focus of this latter Committee is on food supply chain security, business recovery (business resilience and H&S) and long term business priorities (how can business ‘build back better’).
Trustee event advice - Coronavirus

We at CEDA are proud to regularly convene and engage speakers and audiences as an essential element of our efforts to broaden discussion and debate of the most important policy issues facing Australia. In doing so, our first priority is always the safety and wellbeing of our guests and staff.

With that in mind CEDA has suspended all trustee events. However CEDA remains true to its purpose of providing platforms to inform and promote debate of critical issues and driving policy solutions and are continuing critical discussions for Australia’s economic, social and environmental development through a digital events program including exclusive livestreams, podcasts and video, as well as our virtual Trustee roundtable discussions.

CEDA will continue to closely monitor government advice regarding public gatherings and act on relevant health advice from the Australian government in relation to COVID-19.