Uranium Mining & Nuclear Power

Uranium Mining & Nuclear Power

Sep 08

Recent government decisions have encouraged increases in environmentally responsible uranium mining. However, with policy responses to climate change in full swing, our national strategy explicitly excludes nuclear power. This sets Australia apart from many other developed economies, and runs counter to the trend of increasing global nuclear electricity generation.



 Public event
 Park Hyatt Melbourne, 1 Parliament Square, Melbourne, VIC






CEDA explores the relevance of nuclear energy in a low carbon economy, the economics of uranium mining, and what it would take to develop a domestic nuclear power industry.

Key industry players will bring to the forum their expertise on uranium mining and the advanced technologies required.

Join CEDA in meeting the stakeholders in an important national debate.


Dr Ziggy Switkowski, Chairman, ANSTO

Michael Angwin, Executive Director, Australian Uranium Association

Professor George Dracoulis, Department of Nuclear Physics, Australian National University


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