Rolling out COAG's Reform Agenda: Upcoming milestones

Rolling out COAG's Reform Agenda: Upcoming milestones

Sep 21

The goals of COAG's reform agenda are to boost productivity, workforce participation and geographic mobility. The agenda also supports better community services, social inclusion, closing the gap on Indigenous disadvantage and environmental sustainability.



 Public event
 Level 13, 440 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC






During the next 12 months, the COAG Reform Council will report to COAG on Government progress on key reforms across healthcare, education, workforce development, Indigenous disadvantage, disability and affordable housing - as well as progression towards a seamless national economy.

CEDA is privileged to welcome back Paul McClintock AO, Chairman of the COAG Reform Council, with an update on reform progress. Mr McClintock will discuss upcoming milestones for the COAG reform agenda, and will highlight the importance of the agenda to drive recovery from the economic downturn.


Paul McClintock AO, Chairman, COAG Reform Council

Paul McClintock is Chairman of the COAG Reform Council, Medibank Private Limited, Thales Australia and St Vincent's Centre for Applied & Clinical Research. He is a Director of Macquarie Infrastructure Group and Perpetual Limited.

From July 2000 to March 2003 he was Secretary to Cabinet and Head of the Cabinet Policy Unit in the Australian Government reporting directly to the Prime Minister as Chairman of Cabinet with responsibility for supervising Cabinet processes while, as Head of the Cabinet Policy Unit, he was the Prime Minister's most senior personal adviser on strategic directions in policy formulation.

Mr McClintock's former positions include Chairman of the Expert Panel of the Low Emissions Technology Demonstration Fund, Symbion Health, Affinity Health, Ashton Mining, Plutonic Resources and the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research. He was also a Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, a Commissioner of the Health Insurance Commission and a member of the Australia-Malaysia Institute Executive Committee.


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