Opportunities for blockchain

Opportunities for blockchain

Jun 17
CEDA Vic/Tas in welcomes RMIT University, Blockchain Innovation Hub Senior Research Fellow, Chris Berg, to discuss the opportunities around blockchain innovation.


Chris Berg, Senior Research Fellow, Blockchain Innovation Hub, RMIT University

Event overview

Blockchain is a digital technology that allows for a permanent and unchangeable decentralised public ledger. Join Chris Berg to discuss the opportunities blockchain could bring to the economy.

This briefing is by invitation only to CEDA Trustees. Trustees are senior leaders nominated by CEDA member organisations. At CEDA boardroom briefings Trustees hear from an informed, expert guest speaker in a private, small group setting. Invitations to boardroom briefings are a valued benefit of CEDA membership. Chatham House Rule applies.

Meet the speaker

Chris Berg
Senior Research Fellow, Blockchain Innovation Hub, RMIT University

Chris Berg is one of Australia’s most prominent voices for free markets and individual liberty, and a leading authority on over-regulation, economic freedom and civil liberties. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub, at the School of Economics, Finance, and Marketing. He is also Board Member of the Worldwide Blockchain Innovation Association, an Adjunct Fellow with the Institute of Public Affairs, an Academic Fellow with the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, and is on the Academic Board of the Samuel Griffiths Society.

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