Australia's automation opportunity

Australia's automation opportunity

Jun 19
Join McKinsey & Company, Australia Post CEO, Christine Holgate and Melbourne Business School Dean, Professor Ian Harper for this discussion on Australia’s automation opportunity and what it means for policymakers, employers and educators.


Professor Ian Harper, Dean, Melbourne Business School
Christine Holgate, Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Australia Post
David Dyer, Partner, McKinsey and Company
Hassan Noura, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

Event overview

Powerful new automation technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced robotics are transforming the Australian economy and how we work, presenting an enormous opportunity for national and personal income growth.

McKinsey & Company published in their latest report Australia’s automation opportunity: reigniting productive and inclusive income growth that automation technologies could add up to $4 trillion to Australia’s economy over the next 15 years and  provide every Australian with up to $15,000 in additional income by 2030. However, the potential scale and distributional impacts need to be carefully managed to ensure we accelerate automation and adoption in an inclusive way.

Join CEDA and an expert panel to  discuss the roles of government, business and educational institutions in leading Australia's response to our newest innovation challenge across policy, new ways of learning, service improvement and transition management.

Event presentations

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Opening keynote address

Hassan Noura
Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

Hassan assists government entities across Australia design and implement major economic strategies and market regulations. He has more than 15 years of experience serving public-sector clients on economic strategy, market regulation, and implementation issues across Australia, Indonesia, and the Middle East.

Hassan is passionate about working with governments to drive improved living standards and facilitate equal access to opportunities for all citizens, especially in the context of the new norm of constant economic change. Hassan speaks extensively on economic change, automation, jobs, and inclusive growth, in addition to publishing his research in these areas. He is also a keen observer of disruptive economic forces around the world.

Hassan is an author of McKinsey & Company’s report titled Australia’s automation opportunity: reigniting productivity and inclusive income growth.

Meet the panel

Professor Ian Harper
Dean, Melbourne Business School

Ian is one of Australia's best known economist for his work in public policy and who has worked with governments, banks, corporates and leading professional services firms at the highest level. He become Dean of Melbourne Business School in March 2018. Prior to this, Ian was a Partner at Deloitte Access Economics and chaired the Australian Govement's Competition Policy Review from March 2014 to 2015. He is currently on the board of the Reserve Bank of Australia and an is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Christine Holgate
Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Australia Post

Christine Holgate joined Australia Post as Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director on 30 October 2017, after nearly nine years as the Chief Executive Officer of Blackmores.  She has more than 30 years of diverse international leadership experience in highly regulated industries, including healthcare, media, telecommunications and finance; and more than 20 years of public board experience as either a non-executive director or CEO and has held senior management positions in Asia, the Americas and Australia.

Meet the moderator

David Dyer
Partner, McKinsey and Company

David leads our work in Asia on reputation, government and regulatory-strategy topics, working with companies to identify emerging policy issues and developing client capabilities so governments, regulators and other stakeholders achieve sustainable returns. David regularly facilitates Regulatory Strategy Academies, exploring ways to apply the “six checks” of regulatory strategy to develop holistic approaches for managing an increasingly complex stakeholder environment.

David also works with companies on strategy and productivity. With a particular depth of knowledge of the resources and energy sector, he works with these companies on how to shape their investment pipelines and improve the productivity of their capital expenditures as the industry grows to meet the needs of an urbanizing China.

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