Unlocking human value in the future of work

Unlocking human value in the future of work

Oct 10
Join CEDA in a discussion on the human opportunity that is at the centre of automation and how skills and social intelligence will remain essential to economic development, productivity and living standards.


David Rumbens, Partner, Deloitte Access Economics
Dr Sean Gallagher, Director, Centre for the New Workforce, Swinburne University of Technology
Bridget Horsley, Project Director- Melbourne 2021, National Australia Bank
Natalie James, Partner, Deloitte

Event overview

How will human skill, emotional and social intelligence maximise the impact of emerging technologies? CEDA’s expert panel will explore this important question arising from Deloitte Access Economics’ recent research focussing on the human aspect of the future of work.

This research highlights that while we are on the cusp of a once-in-a-generation automation opportunity, human skill and collaboration will remain central to capturing the economic and social value of technological advancement.

This event will explore:

  • How technologies and automation have created new jobs, skills and intelligence potential;
  • Why industry must reconceptualise its definitions of “work” and “learning” and repurpose and redesign them to capture new opportunities; and
  • How the physical workplace is not dead,  fuelling  collaboration, engagement and participation  in organisations to drive innovation and prosperous outcomes.

Event presentations

David Rumbens, Deloitte Access Economics MP3

Moderated discussion MP3

Delegate handout PDF

Meet the keynote speaker

David Rumbens
Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

David Rumbens is a macroeconomist and regular commentator on the Australian economy. He leads Deloitte Access Economics’ macroeconomics practice, and has over two decades of experience with Australia’s pre-eminent economic consulting firm. David is the lead author of Deloitte’s leading research into the future of work, titled The Path to Prosperity: Why the future of work is human.

Meet the panel

Dr Sean Gallagher
Director, Centre for the New Workforce, Swinburne University of Technology

Dr Sean Gallagher is the inaugural Director of the Centre for the New Workforce at Swinburne University of Technology, a research centre focused on workforce transformation arising from digital disruption. Its mission is to empower people and organisations through learning in a technology transforming world. By investigating emerging futures of work with industry partners, the Centre designs and implements the learning to succeed at work in these futures.

Bridget Horsley
Project Director- Melbourne 2021, National Australia Bank

Bridget Horsley is a Project Director with extensive project and program management experience. She specialises in the education, commercial and transport sectors and has worked in both Australia and the UK.
She acts for a broad range of clients across the public and private sector and has a rare ability to shift between supporting decision makers at a global level and changing focus to a detailed technical level.

Natalie James
Partner, Deloitte

Natalie is a Partner at Deloitte in the area of Assurance and Advisory, focusing on working with businesses to enhance their workplace integrity and ensure compliance with work laws. Natalie brings deep expertise and insights into the identifying and resolving conduct issues involving businesses’ workforces and helping them build fair and sustainable practices. She advises on strategies for managing contingent workforce issues and conduct issues in broader networks and outsourced supply chains.

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