Human Capital: Finding and Keeping the Right People

Human Capital: Finding and Keeping the Right People

Sep 21

Finding and keeping the right people with the right skills is hard. Continuing this over the medium-term is difficult. Thinking about it over the next few decades is even harder. Maintaining a cohesive society, while rapidly growing the population, is even more challenging. As WA expands, how do we debate skills-shortages and associated issues at beyond simple bumper sticker slogans and stop gap measures?



 Public event
 Hyatt Regency Perth, 99 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, WA

 Half-day forum (9:30am to 2:00pm)



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Finding and keeping the right people with the right skills is a challenge which has increased in importance as the relatively minor impact of the GFC in WA subsides and is replaced by a new mining and energy investment wave. What should be done: Import more people? Attract workers from over east? Offshore work? The fact that the answers cut across immigration, housing, cost of living and critical infrastructure provision, and not least state federal boundaries, means the policy responses are challenging and potentially politically explosive.

A leading economic indicator, the accelerating cost of a cup of coffee in the Perth CBD, suggests that a tight labour market appears to be imminent. In a more scientific approach, the Technology and Industry Advisory Council report of September 2009 sent alarm bells through the business community with the figure of the state needing an additional 224,000 workers by 2016. For residents of Perth, one need only to get on the freeway at peak or try to enter the housing market for the first time to see these trends manifesting first hand.

Crafting a state population strategy and associated workforce plan with require a number of technical and regulatory issues to be address, however, it will also require a redefining of what it means to be a West Australian and how the state can successfully integrate a massive inflow of workers and their families. How these problems are addressed will not only determine the availability of skilled workers, but the material wellbeing of the citizens of WA and the cohesiveness of the society which we live in.


Mr James Pearson, Chief Executive, Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mr Simon Moylan, Executive General Manager, Talent Management, Hudson
Ms Simone McGurk, Secretary, Unions WA
Ms Lesley Adams, Acting Vice President, Human Resources

Additional Speakers to be confirmed




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