A Greater Australia - CEDA Population Report

A Greater Australia - CEDA Population Report

Mar 26

Join CEDA as we discuss the rarely-promoted benefits of increasing Australia's population through economic migration, in a context of sound social, environmental and economic policies. This event is available to representatives of member organisations only. You must login to register.



Glenn Withers AO, Professor of Public Policy, Australian National University (ANU)  

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 ANZ Boardroom, WA

 Lunch (12.00pm to 2.00pm)

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Generally, whenever the notion of a "big Australia" is raised, it conjures negative images of endless urban sprawl, overcrowded transport networks and detrimental environmental impacts. While unmitigated population growth can have an adverse impact, recent research shows that strategic population growth, designed in a context of good social, environmental and economic policies, will actually benefit Australia.

The benefits of population growth through economic migration are too rarely promoted. Economic migration, which constitutes the vast majority of migration into Australia, increases productivity, stimulates innovation and enhances flexibility. It enables Western Australia to take advantage of investment in the resources sector and is also vital to fund Australia's ageing demography. Yet, a larger population does create environmental, infrastructural and social challenges. What sort of policies need to be put in place to overcome these issues? And do the benefits of a larger Australia truly outweigh the costs?

Join Professor Glenn Withers AO from the Australian National University, contributing author of the CEDA report into population change;  A Greater Australia: Population, Policies and Governance. Glenn is also a government and business adviser, former CEO of Universities Australia, and the architect of the immigration selection system. He will outline his views on why Australia should encourage population growth, and deliver his policy recommendations to ensure a larger population results in a stronger economy.

All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the report.


Professor Glenn Withers AO is a Professor of the University in the Crawford School of Economics and Government at ANU. He was previously foundation Chief Executive Officer of Universities Australia and has held earlier academic and government appointments, including as Professor of Public Policy at ANZSOG, Head of the Economic Planning Advisory Commission under Prime Minister Keating and Co-Chair of the National Population Council under Prime Minister Hawke.

He has chaired a number of government inquiries including reviews of population, immigration and infrastructure and was co-chair for the Howard Government 's Stocktake of Micro-Economic Reform. He has also been a business adviser ranging from the BCA and NorthWest Shelf Consortium to Kerry Stokes. He was awarded an AO for contributions to applied economics, including for development of the Australian immigration points system. Professor Withers is a Harvard graduate and a CEDA Board member.



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