Australia's future workforce

Australia's future workforce

Jul 27
Join CEDA as we launch our major research report for 2015, Australia's Future Workforce, with international and national experts discussing significant trends influencing the role of labour in the global value chain and what this means for Australian organisations.


Gordon Zeilstra, Vice President, Product Strategy - Asia, SAP
Professor Ian Opperman, Chief Executive Officer, RoZetta Technology
Professor Deborah Terry AO, Vice Chancellor, Curtin University

Event overview

Globalisation and technological advances are permanently altering the ways in which we work. These trends will have major impacts on Australian organisations.

This event will examine:

  • How businesses can be adaptive and flexible to respond to environmental and economic shifts?
  • How organisations can continue to reinvent themselves to ensure they stay ahead of the curve?
  • If Australia’s education sector is able to respond quickly enough to meet rapidly evolving skill demands and to meet workforce needs?
  • What abilities will graduates require to succeed in Australia’s future workforce and what role will re-skilling play?

All guests will receive a complimentary copy of Australia’s Future Workforce?

Meet the keynote speaker

Gordon Zeilstra
Vice President, Product Strategy - Asia, SAP

Meet the speakers

Professor Ian Opperman
Chief Executive Officer, RoZetta Technology

Professor Deborah Terry AO
Vice Chancellor, Curtin University

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