WA's energy market transformation

WA's energy market transformation

Dec 1
CEDA welcomes Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) Managing Director, Matt Zema, and Synergy Chairman, Lyndon Rowe, to share their exclusive insights into the current and future state of Western Australia's energy market and global trends that will shape the future.


Lyndon Rowe, Chairman, Synergy
Matt Zema, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, AEMO

Event overview

In the context of WA’s ongoing Electricity Market Reform process and new technologies influencing global trends, the role of the market operator and the State’s largest energy utility will be at the forefront of the changing energy landscape. 

Join CEDA at this significant event to discuss the potential pathways for energy markets in the future, what impacts the transformation will have, and what it means for the State.

Meet the keynote speakers

Lyndon Rowe
Chairman, Synergy

Matt Zema
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, AEMO

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