Facebook and the mobile economy

Facebook and the mobile economy

May 12
CEDA is thrilled to welcome Stephen Scheeler, Managing Director of Facebook Australia, to share his unique insights into why mobile phones have become the dominant force in Australian commerce, and how Facebook is capitalising on this trend in its next wave of development.


Stephen Scheeler, Managing Director, Facebook Australia

Event overview

While Facebook is transforming the ways that people and businesses communicate and engage with one another, the smartphones or pocket super computers everyone carries are creating more shifts in communication's habits and opening up endless opportunities. People are now using their mobiles to do everything, from researching products to applying for jobs and booking their lifestyles.

In his keynote address, Stephen will explain how business must factor people’s mobile and digital habits into their future planning. He will put forward compelling facts and examples that Facebook has witnessed which promise to disrupt your perception Australia's commercial future.

Meet the speaker

Stephen Scheeler
Managing Director, Facebook Australia

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