Australia's economic future: an agenda for growth

Australia's economic future: an agenda for growth

Jun 24
CEDA is proud to release our major report for 2016, Australia's economic future: an agenda for growth, with some of Australia's most respected economic commentators. Looking at key themes such as innovation, jobs and employment, economic flexibility and the role of government, we will explore how a new period of economic growth can be achieved.


Matt Judkins, Partner, Deloitte
John Langoulant AO, Chairman WA, Westpac; State President, CEDA WA
Cheryl Robertson, WA State Director, Microsoft
Rod Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Navitas

Event overview

Australia faces renewed pressure to respond to a rapidly evolving global economy. As technological improvements reshape conventional business models, and connectivity and reduced barriers expose Australian businesses to global competition, we are faced with a unique set of both challenges and opportunities that could be either a catalyst for future prosperity or cause it to diminish. It is vital to create the appropriate incentives and put in place the reforms that enable innovative ecosystems to flourish.

At this event, CEDA’s speakers will put forward key reform proposals aimed at creating economic flexibility, building human capital and incentivising innovation, which are critical enablers for Australia’s future growth and prosperity.

Meet the keynote speaker

Rod Jones
Chief Executive Officer, Navitas

Meet the speakers

Matt Judkins
Partner, Deloitte

John Langoulant AO
Chairman WA, Westpac; State President, CEDA WA

Cheryl Robertson
WA State Director, Microsoft

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