2020 Queensland program launch

2020 Queensland program launch

Feb 5
Connect with CEDA’s network of senior external affairs, communications, marketing and business development professionals early in the year for afternoon refreshments, a preview of 2020, CEDA’s program and plans to keep you and your colleagues up to date and briefed throughout the year.

Event overview

Member organisations work with CEDA year-round and across the country on stakeholder relations, to profile their expertise and grow their business and influence. 
Start your year by reconnecting with senior peers from across Queensland, consider new opportunities to collaborate and hear how your organisation can work with CEDA in 2020.
This cocktail event is invitation only and for the senior business development, marketing, communications and external affairs professionals of CEDA member organisations in Queensland.

Meet the speaker

Clint O'Brien
Associate Director, CEDA

Clint has served on CEDA’s Senior Leadership Team, contributed to national strategy and the development of organisational values. Clint has worked in the resources sector and across 11 European markets in senior project and relationship management, event and marketing roles. He represents CEDA at senior levels, develops program in Queensland and ensures members and communities across the state receive the full benefits of CEDA’s research, policy, economic development and program work.