2020 Economic and Political Overview in Townsville

2020 Economic and Political Overview in Townsville

Feb 20
Get the ideas, the facts and the figures for your business, government and your community with CEDA’s trusted Economic and Political Overview (EPO) report and events. CEDA is pleased to present this national report and event in Townsville in 2020.  


Michael Blythe, Chief Economist and Managing Director, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Jim Chalmers MP, Federal Shadow Treasurer

Event overview

CEDA’s EPO provides expert analysis, new data and the latest forecasts for the year ahead. 

At a time when leaders from across sectors and across the country are all asking similar questions –  about investment; the local, national and global economy; social cohesion; and big issues on the horizon – CEDA is pleased to bring you together for the 2020 EPO event. 

This year, we know from CEDA’s own research that workforce, technology, population, social services and the environment are of increasing concern. 

For EPO 2020 we convene speakers who will share with you the facts, figures and their ideas. 

We look forward to having you and your colleagues at the 2020 EPO in Townsville. All attendees will receive a copy of CEDA's 2020 EPO report, and you’ll start the year with guests and peers informed.
CEDA will also present a 2020 EPO forum in Brisbane on Thursday 13 February.

Meet the speakers

Michael Blythe
Chief Economist and Managing Director, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Michael identifies trends in the Australian economy and leads research, economic analysis and forecasting at Australia’s largest bank. He has worked as Senior Economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia and long contributed to CEDA’s annual EPO report.

Jim Chalmers MP
Federal Shadow Treasurer

Jim has a PhD in political science and international relations; has served as Chief of Staff to a Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer; and as Executive Director of the Chifley Research Centre.  He has been a member of the Shadow Cabinet since 2016.

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