Vice Chancellors panel

Vice Chancellors panel

May 29
CEDA's trusted convening power brings together the Vice Chancellors of Queensland universities. With combined revenue of more than $5 billon and responsibility for half a million students, these leaders face complexity, reform and our very high expectations.

Event overview

There is not a sector, industry or business not impacted by, and dependent on, the success of our universities. Central to the State and the nation’s economy, productivity and innovation universities are pushed to be ahead of the game. They are among our oldest institutions, increasingly grappling with technological disruption, workforce transformation, investment trends and domestic and international policy uncertainty. 

In what is an incredibly competitive environment, this year the Vice Chancellors come together to speak frankly about shared concerns, aspirations and what, with a combined workforce of more than 25000, they can deliver. 

As we depend on universities, so too they depend on understanding the needs and aspirations of workers and leaders from across sectors, across professions and across the State. So, formulate your questions, gather your peers and colleagues and book well ahead to hear direct from the Vice Chancellors panel.  

Meet the speakers

Professor Tim Brailsford
Vice Chancellor and President, Bond University

Professor Carolyn Evans
Vice Chancellor and President, Griffith University

Professor Sandra Harding AO
Vice Chancellor and President, James Cook University

Professor Greg Hill
Vice Chancellor and President, University of the Sunshine Coast

Professor Peter Høj AC
Vice Chancellor and President , The University of Queensland

Professor Nick Klomp
Vice Chancellor and President , Central Queensland University

Professor Geraldine Mackenzie
Vice Chancellor, University of Southern Queensland

Professor Margaret Sheil AO
Vice Chancellor and President, QUT

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