We are a community of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) professionals committed to learning, sharing insights and leading ESG practice for Australian organisations.

CEDA’s ESG Community of Best Practice brings together senior ESG leaders and teams from across our membership.

The Community meets regularly to share insights on emerging ESG trends and practices; share learnings on setting, embedding and evolving ESG policies and processes and to share experience related to effective stakeholder engagement, communication, reporting and accountability.

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To build understanding of best practice and to inform and shape policy and regulatory discussions.

At a national level, improved ESG performance across organisations supports sustainability and progress against the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is consistent with CEDA’s purpose to achieve long-term prosperity for all Australians. 

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CEDA and our members have been talking about these issues for some time, and we’re ready to take the discussion to the next level. Here’s what we’ve been talking about:

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