CEDA member profile: ARUP


Dr Marianne Foley, Principal/Sydney
Office Leader, Arup

What does Arup do?

Arup is the creative force at the heart of many of the world's most prominent projects in the built environment and across industry. We offer a broad range of professional services that combine to make a real difference to our clients and the communities in which we work. From 90 offices in 35 countries our 10,000 designers, engineers, planners, and consultants deliver innovative projects across the world with creativity and passion. As a company owned in Trust for the benefit of all employees past, present, and future, our drivers are long-term sustainability, finding a better way, enjoying what we do and shaping a better world.

Why is Arup a member of CEDA?

CEDA has a great reputation for bi-partisan thought leadership and a great program of speakers and events covering the issues most important to businesses operating throughout Australia. CEDA also gives us access to clients, and thought leadership events that our clients are interested in attending with us.

What are Arup's top priorities for the coming year?

We work across a number of markets, and in NSW this year we are particularly looking forward to exploring opportunities in transport infrastructure as well as how we can continue to support clients in the health and commercial property sectors.

Throughout your experience with CEDA, what have you enjoyed the most?

The CEDA talks have broad appeal and are always great opportunities to meet and talk to people with different perspectives on the shape and potential futures of business and policy in NSW. I always walk away having learned something or had my perspective challenged. The smaller boardroom formats of some events are also a terrific opportunity to engage at a more personal level.

What type of CEDA activities matter most to you and your company?

With specialists working in a wide variety of fields and markets, we find there is lots of interest across Arup in the CEDA talks relevant to the built environment whether the topic is infrastructure, cities, public policy or leadership. They are always interesting, feature great speakers and offer interesting insight.

Who has been your favourite speaker at a CEDA event?

On a personal note, I have really enjoyed the Women in Leadership series. The calibre of the speakers and way they have moved the debate forwards has been outstanding.