CEDA member profile: Australia Post


Chris Blake, Executive General Manager Corporate Affairs and People


1. What does your organisation do?

Historically, Australia Post has been known as the provider of the nation's letter service. Of course we still provide that service, but the Australian community's reliance on letters has fallen dramatically over the past six years. So, increasingly, our role is as a provider of parcel delivery, freight and logistics service - to support the growth in online shopping. We also have over 4,400 Post Offices nationwide and we offer a wide range of trusted services via this nationwide retail network, including payments processing, financial, identity, travel, commercial and government services. In this way, we help Australians to connect - both in store and online - with an array of businesses and government agencies.

2. What is your role with the organisation?

I am the Executive General Manager for Corporate Affairs and People. It's a wide-ranging role that includes leading the development of our strategy, as well as our approach to engaging with our workforce, the community and the government. So, I'm responsible for human resources and cultural change; corporate strategy; internal and external communications; government affairs; community relations and corporate responsibility.

3. What type of CEDA activities (events/topics/research areas) matter most to you and your company?

In recent years, we've taken particular interest in a few key CEDA activities - namely the recent A Federation for the 21st Century research (which we sponsored), as well as the Australia Adjusting research and the Women in Leadership theme.

4. Why is your organisation a member of CEDA?

Australia Post is both a commercial business with a national footprint - as well as a community service provider with a rich heritage of connecting Australians. So, we naturally share CEDA's mission to promote economic development by encouraging informed debate about how best to create future prosperity, opportunity and employment for all Australians.

5. What are your organisation's top priorities for the upcoming year?

We have two key strategic priorities for 2015. First, we have to reform our letters services, prices and operations to get them back towards a self-funding position. And second, we will keep investing in our Post Offices, our parcels infrastructure and digital capabilities to ensure that we continue to offer services that are relevant and vital to the entire community.