CEDA member profile: RSM Bird Cameron


David Wall, Partner,
RSM Bird Cameron

What is your role with RSM Bird Cameron?

As a national partner in RSM Bird Cameron's Assurance and Advisory Services division, my role is to continuously monitor the evolution of our clients' needs and constantly advance our service delivery model so that we stay centred on our clients. We match our clients' expectations and win new clients by sharing our specialist audit, tax and advisory services to help them grow and manage the challenges and opportunities of today's local, national and global business worlds.

What are your top priorities for the coming year?

Understanding our clients' business and the industry in which they operate remains our top priority. Through this, we are able to correctly align our expertise and industry experience to best meet our clients' needs.

Our reliable and responsive client service teams are committed to quality and promptly attend to client requests with considered advice and solutions. This commitment to quality has resulted in the continued growth of the business, with new offices opening in Brisbane and Karratha, and the moving of our Melbourne office into a larger space to facilitate future growth.

What have you most enjoyed about your role as a primary trustee?

CEDA provides me with many opportunities to come face-to-face with business and community leaders and to listen to their thoughts and ideas. The CEDA events and forums allow for open and frank discussions regarding contemporary and evolving issues that are at the leading edge of Australia's development. The topics are always captivating and continue to feed my energy to be actively involved in shaping Australia's future.

How does CEDA help your company understand/meet challenges and opportunities you or your clients face?

The networking opportunities provide a tangible benefit to RSM Bird Cameron and our clients, offering a great platform to showcase our profile and enhance our awareness of key issues affecting the economic development of Australia. For example, the CEDA Indigenous Series provided our clients and key staff with the opportunity to further their knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing Aboriginal people and how we can contribute towards improving Indigenous outcomes.

Who is your favourite/most influential speaker at a CEDA event?

Dianne Smith-Gander is my favourite and most influential speaker. Dianne gave a great speech at the 'Building Gender Equity - Lessons and Case Studies' event held in Perth on 27 August 2013. Her speech was down to earth and gave some great insights and case studies to demonstrate the challenges she has faced so far in her very successful career. Certainly the feeling in the room after the speech was very positive and people were voicing their inspiration for gender equity in the workplace.