CEDA member profile: Serco


Peter Welling, Managing Director, Serco Citizen Services Australia

What does your company do?

Serco makes a difference to the lives of millions of people around the world. We have been operating since 1929 and now employ around 120,000 people globally. Our customers are governments and organisations operating in the public sector. In Australia, we employ more than 9000 people, delivering service solutions in five key sectors: Citizen Services, Justice and Immigration, Defence, Transport and Healthcare.

By focusing on the needs of the customers they serve, we enable our public sector clients to deliver better citizen service outcomes at lower cost.

What is your role in the company?

My role is Managing Director, Serco Citizen Services Australia, a division of Serco Asia Pacific.   My business unit employs around 1600 people and operates from 10 sites across Australia, providing public sector citizen contact services, and middle and back office services:

  • Citizen contact – front, and middle office case management services for government programs; and
  • Middle and back office – internal process management of records, data and employee services.

Our business model offers services primarily on medium to long-term contracts. Most of Serco’s contracts with government and public sector clients are won as a result of a competitive public tender process.

What are your company's top priorities for the coming year?

We are firmly focused on three key priorities:
  • Helping our clients to do more with less - delivering a superior customer experience at lower cost;
  • Employee engagement; and
  • Growth of our business in Australia. 

We are an organisation where our employees are our most valuable asset.  Leadership and development of our people is a priority and we believe our success hinges on creating a skilled and capable workforce.  

Serco operates in an under-penetrated market and is looking to improve our scale within the Australian market.  Existing client growth and the addition of new public sector clients are areas where we are making significant investment.

What policy discussions are important to your company in 2015/16?

We see digital transformation as a key enabler for providing better government services at lower cost. Also important to our business are the regulatory and industrial relations frameworks within which we operate. As an organisation that is looking to support regional Australia, we would like further discussion on what governments can offer to encourage greater regional development.

What type of CEDA activities (events/topics/research areas) matter most to you and your company?

As a CEDA member we are keen to keep our finger on the pulse of government initiatives that will transform service experience for citizens across Australia, in particular for those people who are coping with a social disadvantage.   We need to understand political, social and market pressures, allowing us to adapt our service offering to meet government needs. 

Serco is interested in more in-depth research that helps explain these challenges, and we are keen to contribute to open forums where there is healthy and robust discussion about the challenges that governments and business face.   Our role is to support governments and public sector organisations in their push to lower costs, while improving the level of service offered to the Australian public.