CEDA member profile: Stellar




Kelli Hayes, Chief Executive Officer, Stellar

What does your company do?

Stellar is an Australian-based multi-channel customer contact centre outsourcing and consulting specialist. With operations in most states in Australia and in the Philippines, we support customers in diverse industries, ranging from utilities, telco, travel and leisure through to State and Federal Government services

What are your company's top priorities for the coming year?

On a strategic level, even as we continue to enhance business in the digital world for our customers, we want to enter new Asian markets and "positively disrupt" our business (and that of our customers).

On a tactical level our priority of late has been to deliver the next phase of MyAgedCare Gateway centre, supporting the Department of Social Services and HealthDirect (the Government Health procurement arm). This next phase brings another stream of high value services into the Gateway for consumers to access as they navigate their way through the aged care system.

What type of CEDA activities (events/topics/research areas) matter most to you and your company?

Our team enjoy the range of CEDA events that they can tap into; in particular we like to get involved in CEDA events that support aged care and disability initiatives, workplace diversity, workplace relations, overarching government economic policy debate and matters to do with State Transport. Most recently we attended the State of the Nation in Canberra which was extremely relevant to our business priorities this year.

How does CEDA help your company understand/meet the challenges and opportunities you or your clients face?

CEDA has a focus on forecasting trends and views on where investment needs to be made today to ensure a better future - for individuals and companies. The rise and rise again of Asia and where that leaves Australia as a services nation (as our competitive advantage) is important to both our own business (and related decisions) and how we take our customers on a journey.

Productivity conversations and digital conversations are likewise extremely relevant. What is beneficial about CEDA is they create awareness and debate on topics relating to the future which need appropriate resolution today.