CEDA member profile: TRILITY


Francois Gouws,
Managing Director, Trility

What are Trility's top priorities for the year?

We believe in the provision of excellent services to our existing clients and the communities they are located in. Continuing this service, and exceeding our customer expectations, is key to our priority to being the 'provider of choice' when it comes to water, wastewater and reuse water services. We will also dedicate ourselves to diversifying and broadening our penetration in the municipal, industrial and resource sectors - where water treatment and infrastructure capability are required. We are determined to expand on our large, privately funded portfolio of water assets.

How does CEDA assist Trility to achieve its agenda?

CEDA brings together national and local thought leaders that discuss and debate major issues relevant to Trility's business - as well as having the opportunity to engage with and contribute insight to the important issues facing our country.

They also provide Trility representatives with the opportunity to liaise and network with key policymakers, political leaders and other levels of bureaucracy, business and academia. These relationships - which can be mutually beneficial - are important to Trility promoting its agenda with key decision makers.

How does CEDA help your company understand/meetchallenges and opportunities you or your clients face?

Not only does CEDA provide Trility with access to key thought leaders and valuable networking opportunities, it also provides us with the forum to discuss and debate challenges that affect the water industry across the nation.

The exchange of information relating to significant issues the industry faces - both now and into the future - helps broaden my personal understanding of the major issues facing our industry. It also allows for the collaboration of thought leaders to devise solutions to combat issues.

What type of activities (events/ topics/ research areas) matter most to you and your company?

Trility's business is water - with a desire to be the leader in solutions for the full suite of utility services associated with the delivery of water to customers and the treatment and recycling of water. Research, discussions and presentations about water and related sectors are of immense relevance, enabling us to become better, more informed service providers.