Member satisfaction


The diversity and depth of membership is CEDA's key strength.

"CEDA embodies the quality of a well-connected network that facilitates establishing long-term relationships with businesses and government, which have a positive impact on the economic development of Australia."

Deepak Biswal, Director Strategy and Corporate Development, Australia and New Zealand, Philips

"Being a Trustee at CEDA has given me great opportunities to participate in thoughtful discussions with industry leaders on important issues."

Maryann Hazard, Principal, Nous Group

"We've had a close and ongoing relationships with CEDA for over a decade. Some of the work CEDA has done in understanding the most significant challenges for Australian businesses has really helped form our own agenda especially in areas where Siemens is closely aligned."

Jürgen Schneider, Regional General Manager, Siemens

"CEDA has a great reputation for bi-partisan thought leadership and a great program of speakers and events covering the issues most important to businesses operating throughout Australia. CEDA also gives us access to clients, thought leadership events that our clients are interested in attending with us."

Dr Marianne Foley, Principal/Sydney Office Leader, Arup

"CEDA is a national organisation which engages people from a cross-section of the Australian business community. Many of our stakeholders are members and CEDA events foster the type of discussions needed around the key issues of the day, including issues relating to the energy sector."

David Swift, Executive General Manager, Corporate Development, AEMO

"CEDA's calendar of Australia-wide events - public forums and trustee lunches - means that Navitas staff have regular opportunities to attend and network. The Trustee boardroom briefings are excellent - small groups, a relaxed atmosphere, knowledgeable opinion and thought leaders on the big issues of today."

Helen Zimmerman, Group General Manager, Government and Stakeholder Relations, Navitas

"Australia Post is both a commercial business with a national footprint - as well as a community service provider with a rich heritage of connecting Australians. So, we naturally share CEDA's mission to promote economic development by encouraging informed debate about how best to create future prosperity, opportunity and employment for all Australians."

Chris Blake, Executive General Manager Corporate Affairs and People, Australia Post

 What CEDA members say


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Member survey results

CEDA took part in the 2009 Annual Business and Professions Study - an annual survey of members from 47 different associations.
According to our members, CEDA ranked first for overall performance (88 per cent rated our performance as 'good' or 'excellent'), and first for reputation (92 per cent believe CEDA has a good reputation in the business community).

Our strengths are:

  • Supporting the development of knowledge and skills.
  • Providing leadership in the field.
  • Building the standing of its members.
  • Providing an opportunity for members to participate in policy development.