Media faqs


Who is CEDA?

CEDA – the Committee for Economic Development of Australia – is an independent, membership-based think tank. In 2020, CEDA celebrates its 60th anniversary. 

Working with our members, we identify policy issues that matter for Australia’s future and pursue solutions that deliver better economic and social outcomes for the greater good. 

We deliver on our purpose by:

  • Undertaking research to understand the most important issues Australia faces. 
  • Creating platforms to inform, stimulate ideas and promote debate of critical issues. 
  • Facilitating collaboration to inspire innovative and progressive policy solutions. 
  • Influencing decision makers by delivering compelling evidence and recommendations and advocating in support of our positions. 
CEDA has 770 members. Our cross-sector membership spans every state and territory and includes Australia's leading businesses, community organisations, government departments and academic institutions. 

At the helm of CEDA is Chief Executive, Melinda Cilento and National Chairman, Diane Smith-Gander AORead more.

What does CEDA offer the media?

CEDA aims to explain policy challenges and options in a well-informed and balanced way. It is not a lobby group, nor is it aligned to side of politics. Over 770 of Australia's leading businesses, organisations and academic institutions from around the country choose to be members of CEDA.

What CEDA research can media access?

Contact us for copies of CEDA research reports, video and audio from events.

Can I attend CEDA events or access the livestreams?

Many of our events are open to the media. Click here for more information or contact your local office for specific event attendance. To register for a CEDA livestream event to gain access to the viewing link, please contact us.

Does "thought leadership" imply a particular political point of view?

No. CEDA is not restricted by vested interests or political persuasion. Our agenda is overseen and driven by a who's who of Australia's leaders from business, politics and academia whose focus is on driving debate and critical analysis of the most important topics of the day.

What is CEDA's history and reputation?

CEDA was founded in 1960 by Sir Douglas Copland, one of the most important figures in Australian economics. It's purpose was to harness the ideas and influence of leading thinkers from business, government, community and academia.

With a proven track record of delivering on the issues that matter for 60 years, today CEDA continues to deliver leading thinking, informed discourse and rigorous research to influence good public policy for Australia's economic and social development.

What issues does CEDA comment publicly on?

CEDA's Chief Executive, Melinda Cilento, is available to comment on a broad range of economic issues. We have a special focus on the topics in our research program. Contact us to find out more.