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CEDA national poll: Australians expect more from business than just profits

A CEDA nationwide poll out today has shown that Australians expect a broad contribution from business, focused not just on the bottom line, but social and environmental performance as well. Read more…


CEDA research finds migration is not a threat to wages or jobs of local workers

Economic modelling undertaken by CEDA in its latest research report has found that immigration to Australia has not harmed the jobs and earnings of local workers. Read more…


CEDA announces new Board appointments and Diane Smith-Gander as Chair-elect

High profile WA-based business leader Diane Smith-Gander AO will take over as Chair of CEDA from Paul McClintock AO in November. Read more…


Australia improves one place ranking 18, Federal election clears the way for renewed focus

Australia has climbed one place in a global ranking on the competitiveness of 63 nations released today, with our overall performance remaining largely the same for the last five years. Read more…


Vale Sir Arvi Parbo AC

CEDA is saddened to learn of the passing Sir Arvi Parbo AC, Patron and former member of the Board of Governors of CEDA. Sir Arvi passed away on 1 May 2019, aged 93. Read more…


CEDA report: rebalance the tax base and boost transparency to balance future federal budgets

Reining in tax concessions in areas such as refundable franking credits, work related expenses and capital gains tax, reinstating budget discipline and reducing the drag from personal and company tax are priorities outlined in CEDA’s latest report to deliver ongoing Federal Budget surpluses and debt reduction. Read more…


CEDA report finds 2019 is the year of uncertainty, Australia must focus on domestic policy certainty

This year is likely to be a year of high-level uncertainty on the economic, policy and politics front both domestically and internationally, according to the CEDA 2019 Economic and Political Overview (EPO) report released today. Read more…


VALE Professor Mardi Dungey

CEDA is saddened to hear of the passing of CEDA Council on Economic Policy (CEP) member and supporter, Professor Mardi Dungey on 12 January 2019. Read more…


Skilling Australia’s workforce for future technologies is key to economic growth - CEDA research

A greater focus on skilling Australians in the workforce will be key to unlocking Australia’s future economic growth, CEDA research has found. Read more…


Rapid uptake of data and technology needed to maximise Australia’s economic growth - CEDA research

Australia will need to more rapidly take up new technologies if it is to maximise economic growth, according to new CEDA research. Read more…


Total Pages: 8