Speeches from the CEDA stage 2018


This collection features the most influential and interesting speeches from the CEDA platform throughout the year.

download: CEDA's Top 10 speeches 2018

​This year's collection features:

Jean-Sebastien Jacques, Chief Executive, Rio Tinto 
Business-to-people: A new era

The Hon. Scott Morrison, Prime Minister (then Treasurer) of Australia
Building resilience through a stronger economy

The Hon. Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition
Growth and fairness can go together

Melinda Cilento, Chief Executive, CEDA
Connecting people with progress

Jarrod Ball
, Chief Economist, CEDA
What’s the true story on inequality in Australia?

Philip Lowe, Governor, Reserve Bank of Australia
Trust and prosperity​

Mark Howden, Director, Climate Change Institute, Australian National University
The IPCC 1.5 Degrees report: implications for Australia

Kathryn Fagg, President, Chief Executive Women
The leadership shadow: gender equality during a time of backlash

Peter Chamley, Australasia Chair, ARUP
City competitiveness and the Indo-Pacific opportunity

Karen Chester, Deputy Chair, Productivity Commission
A workforce fit for the future?

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