In 2018, CEDA explored inequality, reset our research agenda, and released our first national survey.

How unequal? Insights on inequality

Australia has experienced its longest period of economic growth in history during the last quarter century. Yet, there is growing debate about the benefits of this economic growth and their distribution, and the extent to which inequality is increasing in Australia. CEDA released a report in April 2018 which examines key ideas and concepts of inequality, including inequality of opportunity and the future of inequality. 

Community pulse 2018: the economic disconnect

In 2018 CEDA established the Community pulse survey and commissioned a poll to understand Australian public perceptions of and attitudes to growth and economic development and what they think the important issues are for their future and for the future of the nation. The 2018 survey found that that the majority of Australians did not feel they have personally gained or did not know if they have gained from Australia’s record run of economic growth. 

Connecting people with progress: securing future economic development 

Australia needs to fundamentally reframe its policy approach. Ad hoc and set and forget approaches to policy will not deliver what we need in the future. Connecting people with progress: securing future economic development, is a pivotal document aimed at recalibrating the priorities for economic development to secure future progress that is tangible and relatable to the Australian community in line with the findings from CEDA’s report on community attitudes to economic growth.