In 2019, CEDA's research agenda explored the federal government's budget ahead of the election, the effects of temporary migration, disrupting the cycle of disadvantage and the pulse of Australian businesses, with our Company Pulse survey.

Sustainable budgets: underwriting Australia’s social compact

Critical services | Institutions

This report provided a preview of the long-term fiscal pressures Australian governments face and outline the long-term shifts that Australia will need to make to expenditure programs, the tax base and budget transparency to address these pressures. 

Effects of temporary migration

Workforce | Populations

This research report interrogated data to better understand the role that migrants, specifically temporary migrants, play in Australia’s economy. It provided key insights on how the Australian Government could enhance its approach to temporary migration policy ensuring the stability of the program in the years to come.

Company Pulse

Technology and data | Workforce | Population | Critical services | Institutions

In 2018, CEDA commissioned its first ever nation-wide survey of community attitudes to economic growth and development. In 2019, CEDA took the pulse of Australian business, to better understand community expectations of business; and the challenges facing business leaders.

Disrupting disadvantage: setting the scene

Technology and data |  Workforce | Critical services | Institutions

Building on its 2015 report into entrenched disadvantage and 2018 report into inequality, CEDA explored how Australia can adopt innovative new approaches to breaking the cycle of entrenched disadvantage.