Company Pulse: South Australia


In 2019, CEDA released the results of Company Pulse, a nationwide poll undertaken to better understand community expectations of business; and the challenges facing business leaders.

Download: South Australia Company Pulse state results
Download: Company Pulse national results 

CEDA has released the South Australian specific results of CEDA’s nationwide poll of more than 3000 people. Company Pulse examines community expectations of business and their views on the most important priorities for business.

Overall South Australians appear to have a more positive outlook on the performance of business across multiple domains than other states.

The results found South Australians placed a higher priority than the national average on large companies employing more people and paying small business suppliers more promptly. South Australians are also more likely to suggest that large companies should be equally concerned with their economic,social and environmental performance (79 per cent vs 72 per cent nationally). 

South Australians were also generally more favourable in their views of company performance, with a larger proportion rating large companies as good or very good for:

  • Fair pay rates for staff (66 per cent vs 60 per cent nationally); and
  • Positively managing the impacts on communities in which they operate (61 per cent vs 55 per cent nationally).

Company Pulse: nationwide survey 

CEDA’s inaugural Company Pulse  is a nationwide survey of the general public and business leaders that includes more than 3000 people.

Overall, the results show the community expects a broad contribution from business including on social and environmental issues. While our survey highlights many issues that the community and business leaders are aligned on – perhaps more so than might be expected – it also identifies areas of disconnect.

Business and the general public agree that expectations of business have risen. However, scepticism remains around whether the behaviour of business has improved, and whether business leaders are seeking to advance national interests or their own company’s when they speak out on important issues.
  • Seventy-two per cent of people believe business should place equal importance on economic, environmental and social performance;
  • More than 70 per cent of the general public agreed that large companies should place equal importance on economic, environmental and social performance; 
  • More than three-quarters of survey respondents supported business leaders speaking out on issues of national importance, including social and environmental issues;
  • More women than men rank environmental and social issues as higher priorities for business;
  • Millennials ranked environment, ethical supply chains and work/life balance for employees as issues of importance while baby boomers ranked quality products and paying small businesses promptly as issues of importance.

Download: South Australia Company Pulse state results
Download: Company Pulse national results 

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