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Community pulse 2018: Victorian results

CEDA released the results from the Community pulse 2018 poll for Victoria. Read more…


Community pulse 2018: the economic disconnect

CEDA released the results of its first nation-wide poll of community attitudes to growth and development. Read more…


Community pulse 2018 interactives

Read more…


World Competitiveness Yearbook 2018

Australia has gained two places in an international ranking of 63 economies’ digital competitiveness, moving to 13 in the world. Read more…


World Competitiveness Yearbook 2019

Australia has slipped one place to 14 in a global ranking of the digital competitiveness of 63 nations. Read more…


How unequal? Insights on inequality

CEDA released a report in April 2018 which examines key ideas and concepts of inequality, including inequality of opportunity and the future of inequality.  Read more…


Big Issues 2017

Delivering secure reliable energy is more important than lowering the cost and environmental factors but opinions on the best energy policies to deliver this were divided, in CEDA’s 2017 Big Issues survey. Read more…


Australia's place in the world

CEDA released a research report in November 2017 which considered the economic effects felt in Australia from policy decisions which emerge from geopolitical events. Read more…


Housing Australia

CEDA released a research report on 28 August 2017 on the issue of housing. Read more…


Improving service sector productivity: the economic imperative

CEDA released a research report in June 2017 that examines the economic consequences of Australia’s productivity performance in the service sector. This report assesses the productivity performance of the sector and discusses policies and areas that can contribute to an improvement in productivity. Read more…


Total Pages: 20