2021 research agenda


In 2021, CEDA’s research agenda will continue to address the key policy issues facing the nation as it recovers from the COVID-19 recession.

2021 research agenda

Our agenda will focus on five key programs: 

Public interest technology (PIT)
Building on the momentum of our inaugural 2020 PIT Forum, we will continue to explore how Australia maximises the benefits of new technology across the community, while maintaining trust. 

CEDA will explore the ways in which the migration system can be recalibrated on the other side of COVID-19 to ensure that it is meeting Australia’s skills and demographic needs to bolster our economic recovery. 

Business competitiveness and dynamism
Working with members to better understand what is driving lower rates of investment, lower rates of business formation, lower rates of job switching, reduced risk appetite and lower rates of R&D expenditure in the economy, and the levers business and government can pull to reverse these trends. 

Better human services
Identifying practical solutions to deliver better human services. These services are critical to the community’s experience of economic development and improved standards of living, whether they are targeted at disadvantaged youth or the elderly. 

Future trends in economic development
Through regular economic briefings and customised briefings for members, exploring the long-term economic trends that will shape business models, policy and Australians’ standards of living for decades to come. 

Recovery: coming back better 2020

The pandemic changed governments’ policy priorities and the nation’s economic priorities. To guide Australia's recovery from the pandemic induced recession, CEDA recognised a broad economic agenda would be needed that incorporates innovative policy solutions to drive investment, economic activity and job creation.

In 2020 through a series of short papers and blogs, we explored four topics:

CEDA's policy stack

In 2018 CEDA identified its policy stack - technology and data; workplace, workforce and collaboration; population; critical services and institutions. These are issues and areas in which CEDA believes it can play an important role in advancing reforms that will drive progress and connect people to it and will be the focus of CEDA's research and advocacy. Learn more here.