CEDA's policy stack


CEDA's policy stack is made up of five issues identified to be the focus of its research and advocacy.

In 2018 CEDA identified its policy stack - technology and data; workplace, workforce and collaboration; population; critical services and institutions. These are issues and areas in which CEDA believes it can play an important role in advancing reforms that will drive progress and connect people to it and will be the focus of CEDA's research and advocacy. 

Technology and data
Australia should put people at the centre of policy to harness the full benefits of emerging technologies.

Workplace, workforce and collaboration
We must invest in people as our greatest asset, enabling skills for a lifetime of work, workplace productivity through positive workplace engagement, and a strong and reliable social safety net.

Australia should establish a strategic and sustainable framework for managing immigration and population growth and settlement across governments.

Critical services
Our priority is to ensure the delivery of affordable and accessible critical services with better outcomes.

CEDA’s aim is to renew key institutions to rebuild trust through transparency and to enable collaboration and innovation.

About CEDA's policy stack

CEDA's policy stack has been guided by several considerations:

  • identifying issues that are fundamentally important to future progress in their own right, but when advanced together will catalyse productivity and living standards;
  • those issues that would most benefit from bringing together insights and experience from business, government, academia and the not-for-profit sector, that is CEDA’s membership; and
  • issues that were identified through CEDA’s Community Pulse as being of greatest priority to people in their day to day lives.

Work on these priorities and focus areas will be pursued in a number of ways including research, convening roundtables and events with decision-makers and supporting policy proposals. CEDA will also continue to use its events to promote the sharing of new ideas and information on other topics important to Australia’s future progress and prosperity.

Foundation document: Connecting people with progress

In November 2018, CEDA released Connecting people with progress: securing future economic development which explores how we can realise better social and economic outcomes for Australians in the decades to come. It is a pivotal document aimed at recalibrating the priorities for economic development to secure future progress that is tangible and relatable to the Australian community.

This report detailed CEDA's policy stack for the first time and also detailed where progress has been delivered and has fallen short; Australia's brand of economic development and priorities for making peoples'lives better in the future.



CEDA Chief Executive, Melinda Cilento releases the policy stack foundation document, Connecting people with progress