Company Pulse Survey


Company Pulse is CEDA's nationwide survey which takes the pulse of Australian businesses, to better understand how they are approaching economic development.
CEDA's Company Pulse survey goes beyond the traditional surveys of business sentiments and quick polls of attitudes to government policy and regulation.

Company Pulse seeks to uncover business attitudes and responses to critical emerging issues that will impact Australia’s future progress including community expectations, trust in institutions, technology and data, workplace, workforce and collaboration, critical services and population.

Company Pulse will assist in identifying new insights and trends about Australian business that are not well appreciated and inform the focus of CEDA’s future research particularly in the fast moving areas of technology, data and the workplace where economic policy is struggling to keep up. It will also provide an important foundation for discussions on the role of business in economic development at CEDA forums and events.

2019 results

CEDA released the results of this survey on 16 September 2019. Overall, the results show the community expects a broad contribution from business including on social and environmental issues. While our survey highlights many issues that the community and business leaders are aligned on – perhaps more so than might be expected – it also identifies areas of disconnect.

Business and the general public agree that expectations of business have risen. However, scepticism remains around whether the behaviour of business has improved, and whether business leaders are seeking to advance national interests or their own company’s when they speak out on important issues.