Sponsoring CEDA research


Reach a wider audience and align your organisation with robust, independent policy debate.

The quality and independence of CEDA's research program has built our reputation as Australia's leading voice on economic and business issues. CEDA research raises the level of public policy debate and discourse in Australia by drawing together the best minds on key issues of the day to inject new ideas into the public forum.

Aligning your organisation with CEDA enhances your reputation as an organisation committed to raising the quality of discussion and debate. Sponsorship of CEDA research provides a range of high level engagement and profiling benefits.

Click here to see CEDA's research agenda and upcoming reports.

To find out more about supporting CEDA's major research projects please contact:

Sharon Braun
Manager, National Member Operations, Events and Special Projects
Telephone 03 9652 8409
Fax 03 9640 0849
Email Sharon

Other recent CEDA research

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