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Since 1960, CEDA has produced more than 3000 publications, research reports and articles, highlighting emerging issues and directions in a diverse range of policy areas.

CEDA research in 2017

In 2017, CEDA will focus on the policy areas of:

Past research

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2016 research publications

In 2016, CEDA's publications focused on Australia's economic future, budget repair options, the role of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector in meeting the skills required for Australia's growth, and the economic consequences of the migration program for Australia.

Migration: the economic debate

November 2016

CEDA released a research report in November 2016 which examines the economic consequences of the migration program for Australia and the effectiveness of the migration program itself.

VET: securing skills for growth

August 2016

CEDA released a research report in August 2016, which examines the role of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in meeting the skills required for Australia's growth. CEDA seeks to assess the current outcomes of the sector and propose ways the VET system could be improved in order to meet the skills Australia will require for growth.  


Australia's economic future: agenda for growth

June 2016

CEDA released this major research report on 14 June 2016,  which examines reforms to address the current economic and social challenges of Australia. Australia’s economic future: agenda for growth, presents a range of policy reforms that an incoming government of either persuasion could adopt.  

Deficit to balance: budget repair options

March 2016

CEDA released a policy perspective in March 2016 which examined how Australia can balance the books and repair the budget.


2016 information papers and special publications

In 2016, CEDA released a series of information papers on constitution reform, the TPP Agreement and Brexit; as well as a Top 10 Speeches publication focussing on the topics of disruption and innovation over the past five years.



CEDA's Top 10 Speeches: Disruption and innovation 2011-2016

In 2016, CEDA celebrates five years of engaging and forward-thinking speeches on the CEDA stage – discussing the technologies, skills and attitudes Australia will need to embrace the fourth industrial revolution – with the release of CEDA's Top 10 Speeches: Disruption and innovation 2011-2016.


Constitution reform

This two-part information paper outlines the complexities of making Constitutional reform in Australia. It comes on the back of the Turnbull Government’s goal to seek Constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians before May 2017. CEDA's final information paper for 2016 discusses:

  • What makes a successful referendum;
  • What outcomes are the Recognise campaign looking to achieve;
  • Arguments from the "no" campaign; and
  • New Zealand’s Treaty of Waitangi. 



TPP Agreement explained

The release of TPP Agreement explained follows the February 2016 signing of the proposed agreement. The paper discusses the pros and cons of the free trade agreement, the likelihood the agreement will be ratified, and what Australian's can expect to see from here. CEDA's second information paper of 2016 outlines:

  • Support and criticisms of the TPP;
  • Corporations using ISDS to sue Australia;
  • The likely outcomes of the TPP for Australia; and
  • Barriers to ratification. 

Brexit explained

Following the referendum on the United Kingdom's continued membership of the European Union, CEDA's first information paper for 2016, Brexit explained discusses:

  • The campaigns to leave or remain;
  • Implications for business and the economy;
  • Political fallout; and
  • Implications for Australia. 


2015 research publications

In 2015, CEDA's publications focused on Australia's global business networks, funding retirement income, the future workforce of Australia and examining issues associated with the economics of disadvantage.


Global networks: transforming how Australia does business

November 2015

Global networks: transforming how Australia does business, examines the importance of global connectedness to Australia's future prosperity.


The super challenge of retirement income policy

September 2015

The super challenge of retirement income policy, examines the economic impacts of Australia's ageing population and decreasing housing affordability.


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