Information papers


CEDA information papers provide timely concise commentary on topical policy issues affecting Australia

Past information papers

Changes to superannuation

Treasurer the Hon. Scott Morrison's superannuation package was approved on 23 November 2016, with most changes to take effect on 1 July 2017. This Information Paper released in December 2016 looks at the incoming changes and how they will affect superannuation fund members. The paper discusses:

  • The proposed changes to the superannuation package;
  • Who will benefit and who will lose;
  • Criticism of the reform package; as well as
  • A timeline of changes to superannuation since the 1970s.

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Constitution reform

This two-part information paper outlines the complexities of making Constitutional reform in Australia. It comes on the back of the Turnbull Government’s goal to seek Constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians before May 2017. This paper discusses:

  • What makes a successful referendum;
  • What outcomes are the Recognise campaign looking to achieve;
  • Arguments from the "no" campaign; and
  • New Zealand’s Treaty of Waitangi.

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TPP Agreement explained

The release of TPP Agreement explained follows the February 2016 signing of the proposed agreement. The paper discusses the pros and cons of the free trade agreement, the likelihood the agreement will be ratified, and what Australian's can expect to see from here. This paper outlines:

  • Support and criticisms of the TPP;
  • Corporations using ISDS to sue Australia;
  • The likely outcomes of the TPP for Australia; and
  • Barriers to ratification.

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Brexit explained

Following the referendum on the United Kingdom's continued membership of the European Union, Brexit explained discusses:

  • The campaigns to leave or remain;
  • Implications for business and the economy;
  • Political fallout; and
  • Implications for Australia.

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