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Budget surplus is the right approach

“Returning the budget to surplus is the right approach and the Government should be aiming to get back to surplus in the medium term,” Australia and New Zealand Banking Corporation, Senior Economist, Craig Michaels told a CEDA audience in Melbourne. Read more…


Budget 2015: A tick for stimulus and a question mark for capacity building

Following the 2015 Federal Budget, Professor Beth Webster discusses economic stimulus for Australia's innovation system.
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Budget 2015: Early intervention key to addressing disadvantage

The Smith Family CEO, Lisa O'Brien and The Smith Family Head of Advocacy and Research, Anne Hampshire discuss early intervention, disadvantage and government policy to coincide with the launch of CEDA's research Addressing entrenched disadvantage in Australia.
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Budget 2015: Shrinking the Age Pension and retirement income

Following the 2015 Federal Budget, Professor Susan Thorp examines the proposed changes to the Age Pension, means testing and retirement income.
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Budget 2015: Why I worry about public debt

In the lead up to the 2015 Federal Budget, Dr Rodney Maddock discusses public debt and the need to reduce to deficit to insure Australia against economic crises.
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Budget 2016: Wishin' and hopin' won't deliver surplus

CEDA Chief Executive Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin discusses if the 2016 Federal Budget reduces the deficit.
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Budget 2016: Youth Jobs PaTH - paving the way for employment growth

Emeritus Professor Phil Lewis examines the 2016 Federal Budget Youth Jobs PaTH program and the Australian labour market.
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Budget 2018: It's all good for now

The 2018 Federal Budget contains some positive measures with widespread benefits writes PwC Chief Executive Officer Luke Sayers in this analysis.  Read more…


Budget 2019: A delicate balancing act

With the federal Government expected to deliver a Budget surplus in the coming days, Jeremy Thorpe asks if it is enough to convince the public that the economy is in good shape.  Read more…


Budget 2019: Money in people's pockets but the need to enhance productivity remains

In a follow up piece analysing the Federal Budget, Jeremy Thorpe writes the Government should be congratulated for being responsible with its announcements. He argues, however, that a need for a true productivity enhancing reform agenda remains.  Read more…