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Competition and consumer watchdog to target consumer guarantees, unfair contracts

Misuse of market power, unfair business-to-business contracts and consumer guarantees are the main 2018 priorities for the nation’s top competition watchdog. Read more…


Cuts to university funding will challenge international competitiveness

Infrastructure investments and university collaboration keeps South Australia and Australia competitive and changes to funding will challenge that, Flinders University, Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Colin Stirling, has told a CEDA audience. Read more…


Public Private Partnerships driving Victorian jobs growth: Pallas

Partnering with business to deliver major infrastructure projects is paying economic dividends for Victoria, State Treasurer the Hon. Tim Pallas told a CEDA event in Melbourne. Read more…


SON 2017: Australia doesn’t have the choice to become protectionist

Australia does not have the choice that America may have in the short term to become protectionist, Business Council of Australia President, Grant King told a CEDA audience at State of the Nation in Canberra. Read more…


Women in Leadership Christmas special

“I think the biggest gift to women in 2015 was the demise of Tony Abbott as prime minister,” television presenter and journalist, Tracey Spicer told a CEDA audience at an Adelaide Women in Leadership event. Read more…


Workforce transformation cause for optimism says Microsoft Australia boss

Technological disruption and the transformation of our workforce should be a cause for optimism not only concern, according to Microsoft Australia Managing Director, Steven Worrall. Read more…