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NT EPO: Asia Pacific economic map needs to favour the land in the north

Northern Territory Chief Minister Terry Mills has said the economic map of this continent needs to pivot much more in favour to the land in the north rather than the traditional power hubs recognised in the past, when speaking at CEDA’s Darwin EPO. Read more…


Prioritise infrastructure that will increase productivity

Australia should prioritise investment in infrastructure projects that increase productivity and international competitiveness, a CEDA forum in Sydney has heard. Read more…


SA EPO: Competitive industries and job opportunities essential for future of SA economy

To ensure the future of the SA economy, we must build on existing strengths to help industries adjust to structural change in our economy and ensure we have strong competitive industries, Federal Minister for Finance and Deregulation, Penny Wong has told a CEDA EPO audience in Adelaide. Read more…


Super to fund Australia’s future

Australia can fund its future but just where it invests depends on how the superannuation sector evolves, Monash University Adjunct Professor of Economics and Victoria University Vice Chancellor’s Fellow, Professor Rodney Maddock has told CEDA’s Economic and Political Overview in Melbourne . Read more…


WA EPO: Electricity prices could fall by 2020 with reform

With the right policy settings, Australia could see electricity prices falling in real terms by 2020, AGL Energy, Chief Economist and Group Head of Corporate Affairs, Professor Paul Simshauser has told a CEDA audience at the 2013 Economic and Political Overview in Perth. Read more…